More Texturing

Working on grabbing and editing textures for the map.


Most of tonight’s textures were panel textures and mostly from the control room. Textures may seemed squished here, but that is because they need to be a perfect square (more specifically a power of 2) to be a source engine material and texture. Yet, when they get applied to the correct size brush they will look fine.


Fig. 2 – Grabbing textures (first person screenshots) from Battlefront 2.

Most of the textures were ripped from SW: Battlefront 2, by going in game and taking screenshots. Then I went into photoshop and edited them. Some didn’t need much touch up. Some required a lot of touch up. One was so bad that it wasn’t even recoverable. So I made my own custom version of it. (This would be ds_panel_05 if you were wondering)


Fig. 3 – “ds_panel_05.vtf”

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